Love Roller Balls
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Love Roller Balls

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Psychic Sisters Roll On Aroma Oil combines gemstones and a little bit of magic to create these inspiring essential oil blends. Each scent is formulated to attract a specific energy that you desire in order to restore balance and live your life to the fullest potential. 


Open your heart to give and receive love with this blend of Rose & Lavender Essential oils. Infused with rose quartz crystals to enhance the love energy.


"I am Loved & Happy"


Rose Quartz Helps you to feel loved & brings happiness into your life.

Organic Jojoba Seed Oil,  Pure Essential Oils, Crystal Gemstones.

To release the Aromatherapy Oils, roll onto wrists & temples, breath in the invigoration fragrances. Repeating the Affirmation.

Hand-made by Psychic Sisters in UK

10ml e 0.34 fl oz
NB Do not use products if pregnant, breast feeding or if sensitive to any of the ingredients.